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IFR FM/AM 1500 Communications Service Monitors/Analyzers

The IFR FM/AM 1500 communications service monitor and analyzer is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized communication service monitor, which integrates the functions of several different test instruments into a single, compact and portable unit. The IFR 1500 communication monitor is used in a wide range of communication test functions associated with most types of simplex and duplex transceiver equipment, including mobile telephone systems, AM/FM/SSB transceivers, CB and two-way radio systems and repeaters.

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Product Details

Some of the key features and technical specifications of the IFR 1500 include:

  • FM signal generator
  • AM signal Generator; 100 kHz - 999.9999 MHz in 100 Hz increments
  • Duplex offset generator; /- 49.99 MHz from receive frequency
  • DCS (Digitally Coded Squelch) with encode and decode capability
  • Sensitive 2 ┬ÁV receiver for AM, FM and SSB
  • RF Frequency Range: 300KHz - 1GHz (Receiver); 100KHz - 1GHz (Generator)
  • Tracking generator with full scan to 1000 MHz
  • Sweep generator
  • Cable fault locator
  • Two programmable audio tone generators
  • Audio frequency counter and error meter
  • RF frequency error meter
  • RF power meter
  • Deviation/Modulation meter
  • SINAD meter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum analyzer