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IFR Radio, Wireless and Cellular Test Sets

For nearly half a century IFR Systems has been recognized as an industry leading manufacturer of high quality communications and avionics test and analysis equipment. Founded in 1968 as Instrument Flight Research Corp., the technology company originally specialized in precision instruments and test equipment for the avionics industry. As a result of their commitment to innovation and quality they quickly gained a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of avionics test equipment. By the mid-seventies they had branched out into the radio communications market to become one of the world's top manufacturers of RF test equipment as well. In 1998 they acquired Marconi Instruments and further expanded their portfolio of test and measurement solutions. IFR's next move was in 2002 when they merged with Aeroflex and became a subsidiary of one of the industry's top manufacturers of network test and measurement equipment.

Today IFR is recognized as one of the world's premier providers of high quality radio test sets for the communications and avionics industries. IFR test sets are widely regarded as some of the finest in the test equipment industry. IFR impressive family of test sets includes communication and transmission test sets, transponder test sets, radar test sets, bit error rate test sets, carrier noise test sets, and a multitude of wireless and cellular testing solutions to name just a few examples. IFR is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex, a leading manufacturer of test and measurement solutions.

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If you don't see exactly what you need, use our site's inventory search to find the precise model of equipment that you're looking for. If it isn't currently available contact us and we'll check daily and let you know as soon as it is.

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