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IFR 1900 Communications Service Monitors/Analyzers

The IFR 1900 communications service monitor/analyzer is a superior solution for all of your TIA/EIA-136 analysis and testing needs. This includes critical adjacent power measurements and power measurements down to -40 dBm, which allow you to test the base station without taking it off-line. The 1900 digital PCS radio test set is capable of performing the critical dual-mode analog/digital authentication and protocol compliance tests for TIA/EIA-136 dual mode mobiles. As for flexibility, the IFR-1900 provides the capability to perform both mobile and base station conformance testing. And with the VSELP and ACELP vocoder technology as standard features, the IFR-1900 CSA can handle today’'s latest technology. The IFR-1900 also offers a full complement of standard service monitor features including a full span digitized oscilloscope to 1 MHz, DVM and SINAD functions, frequency and channel tables, selectable IF filters, and a wide variety of displays.

Additionally the 1900 comes fully loaded with a wide array of application software options. The AC1036 Protocol Conformance Test Software provides an excellent way to verify software conformance of TIA/EIA-136 mobiles. Other software supports automated tests for the most widely used base station applications. Engineered for maximum performance, the IFR-1900 is a comprehensive PCS testing and analysis solution for today’'s dual band/dual mode mobile and base station equipment.

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Some of the key features and technical specifications of the IFR 1900 include:

  • Full frequency domain analysis to 2 GHz with a built-in full-featured spectrum analyzer and tracking generator.
  • Comprehensive TIA/EIA-136 conformance testing
  • Full featured 2 GHz service monitor with spectrum analyzer and tracking generator
  • Tri-Band, 400/800 MHz and 1900 MHz PCS test capable
  • Analog and digital authentication compliance testing option
  • TIA/EIA-136 hyperband handoff
  • VSELP and ACELP vocoder functions allow verification of voice quality
  • Standard constellation IQ display for quick assessment of digital mobile or base station transmitter modulation
  • Fully automated remote testing ability
  • Intuitive operation thanks to well designed test set up screens
  • Legendary IFR quality