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Keysight, Agilent & HP Laser Equipment

Keysight Technologies (formerly the electronic test and measurement division of Agilent Technologies) manufactures a full line of laser equipment which is used in a number of industries. They offer a wide range of laser instrumentation including tunable lasers, laser heads, laser sources and laser receivers. Keysight also manufactures laser based metrology and calibration systems for the machine tool industry which are used to calibrate and verify CMM (coordinate-measuring-machine) and machine tool accuracy. Many shops utilize them on a daily basis in order to optimize operations and lower production costs.

Additionally Keysight produces a line of laser interferometer position measurement systems. These systems are designed to provide extremely precise position or distance information for motion control and dimensional measurements. They are commonly utilized in many industries to perform mechanical vibration analysis and also to inspect and measure mechanical parts. In addition they have found wide use in the semiconductor industry where they are utilized in the fabrication, inspection and repair processes.

No matter what type of laser equipment your business requires there's an excellent chance that Keysight offers instrumentation to suit your exact requirements because they are one of the world's premier providers of innovative and advanced test, analysis and measurement solutions. Keysight manufactures an incredibly diverse catalog of test equipment solutions which are utilized by numerous industries for a wide variety of applications. You won't find another technology company that offers such a comprehensive selection of instruments and tools - or that capably caters to as many high-tech industries and their advanced testing and analysis needs as Keysight. For many years they have set the standard for quality and excellence in measurement and analysis equipment for other manufacturers in the industry to follow.

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